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Captains Charms    

Peering out from under a worn, gutter-brimmed hat are the knowing eyes statue of good fortune keeps an eye on Captain Kelli Farwell’s shipfull of hungry diners. Aboard the Revolution, a World War II patrol boat turned Walsh have created an homage to Northeast maritime tradition with storied pieces of iron and line.

Once a lowly doorstop of Walsh’s grandfather, the Captain Brugge statue has been passed down through the family and found himself once again, at sea. Here, he stands Revolution, and has given the boat its voice for seventy years. Eight bells were tolled daily as sailors shifted watch over ominous skies, changed hands over the helm, and gave warning through foggy nights. Today, the bell brings notice that Farwell is emerging from the galley with mason jars of creamy clam chowder and plates of buttery crab cakes.

The Monkey's fist, with its frays and salt stains, exudes an air of determination. The making of these knots are a test of patience, persistence, and precision. In a series of loops and overlays, the tying process is different every time, forcing fingers to tighten and adjust at every step.  The monkey's fist that rests on Farwell's deck elicits an image of a sailor working these through with sandpaper hands, his biceps moving the tail of an inked mermaid.